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About Us

What We Do

We are a local shoe charity and official 501(c)(3), focused on bringing hope to those in need. We accept new and gently used shoe donations.

Get Involved

We absolutely love our volunteers! If you'd like to host a shoe drive or start a local fundraiser, please let us know. We'd love to help.

Thank You

Thank you all for of your continued support and super generous donations! We absolutely couldn't do this without you.


Our mission is to bring hope to absolutely anyone in need, by simply giving them a new pair of shoes. 

Making A Difference


Many children are unable to participate in school sports or extracurricular activities because they don’t have the proper shoes. Sole Loved has proudly sponsored two junior teams and supplied athletic shoes to hundreds of local kidddos! Need cleats Or basketball shoes? We can help! 


We work closely with local school nurses and Social workers to make sure that every child has shoes on their feet. Most recently, we sent over 350 pair of brand new tennis shoes to a Middle School that had been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Know a school that needs help? Give us a call.


The hurricane affected many of our neighbors. Families were left homeless, scared & broken. Sole Loved recently partnered with several local organizations to provide our friends with food, clothing, love and of course, shoes! Know someone that needs help? Let us know.


Shoe Drives

We are so grateful to our community, specifically our local schools for hosting shoes drives throughout the year! The outpouring of love and support is incredible each and every time. Thank you!


We love partnering with other local community organizations to help bring shoes to local children and families in need. This past year, we've blessed over 1,500 individuals with new shoes!

The Homeless

We have a special bond with our local homeless friends. Sole Loved actually began on the streets several years ago, bringing hope to those less fortunate, through the gift of a new pair of shoes. 


It's amazing what a new pair of shoes can do to someone. The hope, anticipation, and pure joy that we see....the excitement in their eyes when they find the perfect pair of shoes, just can't be beat. We love bringing hope to our community.  


We have absolutely been blessed beyond measure this past year! Donations continue to pour in....many from out of state, from those of you we've never met. We want you to know that you are changing lives! You are making a difference!


We love helping you organize local fundraisers for Sole Loved! Please reach out to us if you have questions about getting started. Fundraisers should be stress-free and lots of fun for everyone involved. We are here to help! 


Do you take used shoes?

Yes! We absolutely do. But please be mindful- no rips, tears or major flaws please. We only accept new and/or very gently used shoes. 

Do you accept all kinds of shoes for donation?

Yes and no. We prefer tennis shoes, or anything that is school appropriate. No flip-flops, house slippers or heels please.

Do you accept children's shoes?

Yes. We accept toddler to adult-sized shoes.

Where do the shoes go once they are donated?

We have a storage facility, where we house all of the donated shoes. After being inspected for major flaws- they are cleaned, then distributed to those in need.

Who do you donate the shoes to?

New and gently used shoes are given to absolutely anyone in need. We work closely with local schools, shelters and other public organizations to ensure that local school children and underprivileged families- including the homeless, have shoes on their feet. 

Do you sell the shoes?

No. Shoes are never sold to anyone. If you, or someone you know needs shoes, please contact us. Our shoes are free to absolutely anyone who needs them.

Your Donation Matters

Your donation of just $20 buys a new pair of shoes for a local child in need. Help us bring hope.

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